Manchester Mayor brands bomb scare a ‘fiasco’

Old Trafford evacuated

Manchester mayor Tony Lloyd has branded the episode that led to the Manchester United verse AFC Bournemouth final game of the premier league season cancelled a “fiasco”.

He therefore called for a full inquiry into how a dummy bomb was left behind by a private security company after training at Old Trafford as he argues that the situation was completely unacceptable and needed to be fully investigated.

“A full inquiry is required to urgently find out how this happened, why it happened and who will be held accountable,” he said.

“This fiasco caused massive inconvenience to supporters who had come from far and wide to watch the match, wasted the time of huge numbers of police officers and the army’s bomb squad, and unnecessarily put people in danger.

“Whilst this in no way demeans the professionalism of the police and stewards responsible for getting the fans out, or the supporters’ calmness and cooperation during the evacuation, it is unacceptable that it happened in the first place.”

The match has since been rescheduled for Tuesday at Old Trafford.