Chinese government company wants to invest in Liverpool

Investment can improve the quality on the field

Investment can improve the quality on the field

China Everbright is the name of the company recently opened by the Chinese in the United Kingdom, and they’ve got their eyes set on Liverpool.

LFC chairman Tom Warner told the media just a few days ago that the club is not for sale, but that he’d welcome selling a major percentage of the club, if it meant the Reds would benefit in the transfer market.

Interest in the Premier League club values it at more than £700m.

China Everbright is also listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges, and is taking advice from PCP Capital Partners to buy up a percentage of Fenway Sports Group (FSG), the American company that runs Liverpool.

According to Sky Sports, a joint partnership is also on the cards.

“We’ve said in the past, under the right conditions and absolutely with the right partner, we could look at some small investment stake in the club but only in the framework of doing what would be in the club’s long-term best interests,” Warner told the Liverpool Echo.

 The American warned that a full sale doesn’t interest him.

“I’d say that from time to time somebody says they have made an offer to buy us but they are really saying that just for publicity.

“People throw offers to us which we don’t think are real.

“We haven’t had a discussion or a negotiation with anyone because this club is not for sale.”