Tanzanian sides relegated for match fixing


The match fixing scam has caught up with four Tanzanian second tier teams as the race for top flight slots heated up over the weekend. Geita GoldJKT Kanembwa, Tabora Police and JKT Oljoro were found guilty of fixing results to be in a favourable position for promotion.

Geita Gold, seeking a win to secure a premier league slot, thumped JKT Kanembwa 8 – 0 while the other match saw Tabora Police whack JKT Oljoro 7 – 0.

The investigations from the Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF) found the four teams as well as a referee culpable of match fixing and moved to set sanctions.

JKT Kanembwa was getting relegated to the third tier anyway and the punishment meted on the team was made severe by dropping the club to the fourth tier as the other three drop to the third tier.

The penalized teams are free to appeal the judgment.

The TFF committee handling the matter also slapped referee Saleh Mang’ola; who was in charge of the match between JKT Kanembwa and Geita Gold with a life ban after being caught up in the scam.

The committee also found Geita Gold’s assistant coach, Choke Abeid guilty and just like the referee, he was handed a life ban.

Geita Gold’s goalkeeper Dennis Richard and Mohamed Mohamed of JKT Kanembwa were both banned from football activities for 10 years a Tshs 10 million fine each for their part in the scandal.