SFF launches development courses in Jubbaland


The Somali Football Federation (SFF) on Thursday 31st March launched three football development courses in the City of Kismayo, the provincial capital of the semi autonomous Somali regional state of Jubbaland.

The courses which are part of the SFF’s Spread the Football Initiative have been allocated for the regional state through the regional development scheme and will continue for five days, as shown in the Somali FA’s strategic development program for the year.

The program brought together a total of 50 football volunteers among them 20 future referees, 17 new coaches and 13 football administrators.

The development initiative which was announced by the Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, in his post election address on 31st August 2014 is mainly intended to prepare the country for its
first ever regional football leagues which as planned will be inaugurated sometime before the end of this year.

“Human resource development is the most important thing for us. The main objective for the organization of the regional development courses is to educate the people who would manage football in all regional states of the
federal government to give them the capacity and the knowledge to implement the regional leagues under the auspice of SFF” president Abdiqani noted.

He said that this is the second huge development project to be carried out in the country in less than two months adding that such projects will be implemented throughout the country in the next few months despite the less financial capability the federation is facing.

“Although we have no local sponsors and our government has not the financial capacity to assist us, we are determined to spreading football knowledge across the country, because our commitment is more than enough” he added.