FKF assures referees on payment


The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has lately been in the spotlight for the failure to clear payment for referees in the FKF Premier League, a number of the match officials revealing they are owed up to Kshs 100,000 by the federation.

The lack of payment is one of the reasons the FKF PL clubs opted not to continue honoring matches in the league but the FKF vice president Robert Asembo has assured that all is being done to ensure the referees’ dues are settled.

He said the non payment is not by design but due to the fact that the federation is broke and he lauded them for continuing to officiate despite the circumstances.

“The lack of payment is not by design but reality is that the federation does not have money. We cannot stall on their payment any day if we have the money and true to our word, we are working on getting the funds to help pay them.

“They have shown the determination to continue running matches and it gives us the determination to try and source for the money,” he said.