Rivaldo advises against visiting Brazil


Former Brazil star Rivaldo has urged tourists to stay away from this summer’s Rio Olympics for their own safety.

The ex-Barcelona striker, capped 74 times for his country, warned his followers on Instagram: “I urge all of you who are planning on visiting Brazil or coming for the Olympic Games this summer to stay in your countries. You are putting your life at risk here.”

The famous ex-footballer, regarded as one of the most skilful and creative players of his generation, sounded his warning after the death of a pretty 17-year-old who was murdered in Rio at the weekend.

Ana Beatriz Pereira Frade was shot on Saturday morning by an armed gang on a main road known as the Yellow Line road connecting the city’s international airport with most of the Olympic venues.

Local reports said she was killed during a botched robbery after eight men surrounded the car she was travelling in with her family.

She was heading to the airport with her stepdad and other relatives to surprise her mum who was returning from a trip away.

Her stepdad tried to drive through a makeshift blockade the armed bandits set up.

A baby was on the back seat along with tragic Ana when she was hit by a single bullet fired by one of the men.

Rivaldo, 44, who currently lives with his family in the States, printed a picture of the dead teenager along his hard-hitting message which started: “This morning in Rio bandits killed this girl aged 17.

“Things are getting worse all the time in Brazil.”

Urging foreigners to stay away from his country or risk death, he added: “Only God can change the situation in Brazil.”