Okocha retains Keepy-Uppies title


Nigeria’s football legend Austin Jay-Jay Okocha retains King of Keepy-Uppies title after beating Patrick Kluivert in freestyle showdown.

Clearly the former Bolton star hasn’t lost any of his talent, so good they named him twice during his four-year (2002-2006) spell at the Reebok stadium where he gave thousands of fans goosebumps with his sublime skills.

According to The Mirror UK, Okocha will join Pele in FIFA 17, as the only FUT Legend with a 5* skill rating.

Okocha came up against fellow @EASPORTSFIFA 17 Ultimate Team Legend Partick Kluivert in the Wembley Cup to do some basic juggling… with the first person to drop the ball losing.

Former Barcelona forward Kluivert was the first to lose control of the ball but Okocha continued with fluidity and even added some freestyle moves for the camera’s as he went on to retain his crown as the king of the keepy-uppies.

England manager Sam Allardyce said: “Jay Jay Okocha. On and off the field he was the captain you looked for.”

Allardyce continued: “In a multi-national side from all over the world he could speak four different languages, communicate very well with some of the players who couldn’t speak quite as good English.

“He sorted the odd scuffle out in the dressing room, talked to the players about how we had to go out and win. He’d take the manager’s instructions and apply them in the right way.

“Then there was outstanding ability on the field, leading by example and showing everybody he wasn’t a mercenary which was suggested in the beginning, that he’d only come for the money.

Okocha played 124 times for Bolton from 2002 – 2006, in which time the club stabilized in the English Premier League.