Monday tests for lower tier referees


Referees looking to officiate in the country’s second and third tier leagues are scheduled to undertake the mandatory pre season Physical Endurance Tests (PET) on Monday 29 February.

The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) will be conducting the process and a member of the Refereeing Committee, Caleb Amwayi has confirmed that 100 match officials have been invited for the tests.

“We have the PET on Monday as from 6am and we will be conducting that on 100 referees who have already been invited for the exercise. We will start with the medical tests before the field work,” he said.

The referees will thereafter go for a two day classwork session after which the best performers will be selected for the Natiuonal Super League and the two zones of the National Division One – the third tier.

“We will decide thereafter the number of officials to consider for the leagues and this will be purely on merit,” he added.

Amwayi further revealed top flight referees who failed in the elite referees’ tests will be considered for the second and third tier.