Ferguson admits he preferred Guardiola to Mourinho

Fergie and Mou

Martin Ferguson, former Manchester United chief European scout and younger brother to the Red Devil’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, has admitted he wanted Pep Guardiola as the United manager, and not Jose Mourinho.

He has however said he is warming up to Mourinho and his perception of the Portuguese is changing.

“Even if, from my perspective, I hoped Pep might one day come to United, I not only want them to win this one against City, obviously, but my feelings about Mourinho are changing,” he told the Mirror.

“I hope he does well, I certainly wish him well. While there were some things which, in the past, I didn’t like about him, so long as he’s successful in the ‘United way’ he’ll get my backing.

“Already I see that some of the behaviour which was a little eccentric at Madrid and Chelsea seems to have dissipated.

“He has tidied up his act. No question that the last couple of games his United have looked the part.”

The younger Ferguson has also pinpointed the things that is warming him up to the former Real Madrid manager

“Watching Mourinho on the touchline is informative. I see him currently more in control, ‘better’ and that informs you about how he feels about his team and about his own work.

“The impression I get is that he’ll be a better manager of United that way. Calmer, more focused, concentrated.

“Speaking generally, when a manager loses the place, shouting and bawling, it means your mind is not concentrating on the vital details for periods of the game. I learned that watching my brother.

“Gradually he chose to sit back in that box a little distanced from the pitch. Sitting a little bit above the fray, most of the time, gives a different perspective and footballers, particularly good ones, switch off a little if you’re on the touchline yelling at them all the time.”