Igesund: Manning Rangers were like Leicester City

Igesund was emotional recalling past glories - Leicester city

Igesund was emotional recalling past glories

South Africa’s greatest ever coach Gordon Igesund has likened two of his PSL title victories to Leicester City’s English Premier League triumph.

This was Manning Rangers in 1997 and Santos in 2002.

If you remember, at Manning Rangers we won 10 away games in a row by 1-0 and that’s exactly what Leicester City did this season,” Igesund told Goal.com

“It was the same kind of scenario. I worked with players who had a big heart, who were determined and who listened to instructions. The tenacity and commitment was amazing. And for example, look at (Jamie) Vardy – I mean he’s gone from nowhere to being a real superstar.”

Igesund had taken Chatsworth club Rangers from no-hopers to the champions of South Africa. Then when he moved to Cape Town he made Santos champions too. Both clubs were relegated soon after Igesund moved on.

“Like Santos and Manning Rangers, Leicester had players who refused to lose and played as a team, and that for me is important as a coach; having 11 players who are willing to fight for each other as a team. Players who go the extra mile, who do the extraordinary,” Igesund added to Goal.com

“I’m sure if you can look at Leicester’s statistics this season, they worked 25 percent harder than all the teams that had quality players – your likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea – the work ethic is what got them to where they are today and every coach wants to work with those kind of players that Leicester has. In my coaching career, I have always said; ‘give me 11 players who can work hard and get the job done’. It’s better to have those 11 players than having a group of superstars who would sulk when they are not in the team.”