Odipo resigns after frustrating spell in Awendo


Sony Sugar FC head coach Leonard Odipo has called it quits at the Awendo based club just three months after taking over the reins.

The coach, who joined the team in mid January after dumping Tusker FC, where he served for 18 months as assistant coach, complained about sabotage from both the players and the team’s fans, which he said made his job impossible.

During his time, he was in charge for eight matches, none of which the Millers managed a win and in his resignation note, he noted that the club’s faithful were more open to assistant coach Salim Babu taking charge and not him.

His final activity for the team was the league match against Mathare United on Saturday 9 April.


Here’s part of his reasons for resignation:


  1. The current crop of players as assembled/recruited was not part of my participation and as such it has been a big problem trying to inject my own style of play as this needs players that I understand and are willing to understand my philosophy
  2. It’s common knowledge that I was recruited mid-January with bulk of first team players not having reported to training as scheduled. This did affect my preseason training as most players reported 2-3 weeks to the start of the league with no action taken.
  3. SoNy Sugar FC underwent the same crisis sometime last year to the then coach leaving the club. The caretaker coach did an ‘exemplary’ job and was as evidence by the majority of team supporters the preferred choice to handle the team in 2016. My recruitment therefore (late as it was) has never been accepted by the SoNy Sugar FC faithful as it pitted two coaches with the same ambitions. Replacing these members of the technical bench further fueled the already volatile situation as there was a feeling of betrayal hence the bad run.
  4. Further to point 3 above, the engagement and or confrontation with fans after our match against Mathare United further served to drive the point to drive the point that I was never the choice of SoNy fans. 3 points came out clear to me after this match, there is a long standing battle between the current and former office bearers, some senior players apparently have contact with the fans club and are not happy in my style of leadership and lastly there are still external forces that drive the team and they cannot be tamed.
  5. The fans seem to be in control of SoNy Sugar FC contrary to my belief that it is an institution club. This has been evident by the fact that very well-known fans will continue hurling insults to specific players and myself in al forums including the stadium without any action, last match was e played is an example.