Lefa: Etafia is the right man for Swallows

Etafia is now the main man at Swallows

Etafia is now the main man at Swallows (Photo by Futaa)

Former Moroka Swallows player Lefa Tsutsulupa has back Greg Etafia as the clubs new coach.

Etafia is now the caretaker coach at the club, which is a big promotion since he was the second choice keeper.

“He had the attributes to become a coach and hopefully this opportunity will work in his advantage,” Tsutsulupa told Goal.com

“I think Greg is more of a leader than anything else. He’s been part of the leadership at Swallows.

“In terms of coaching, I don’t think he will have any problems with the players.”

Swallows are in trouble at the moment, as it’s unlikely they will get back into the Premier Soccer League soon. They got relegated to the National First Division last season, and are not in promotion contention.

“They need to get the results; it’s as simple as that.