Messi mentor lauds East African talent

Former Barcelona Youth Director Josep Colomer

Former Barcelona Youth Director Josep Colomer

Former FC Barcelona Youth Director Josep Colomer, the current head of Aspire Football Dreams (AFD) has termed East Africa a talent hub after heading a four day training period to select players for the AFD scholarships program.

The exercise came to a close on Thursday 16 June at the Moi International Sports Center (MISC) Kasarani where six players were selected to proceed to the final stage of selections in Qatar.

Speaking after the selection, Spanish coach and scout, Colomer, said East Africa locals should shift from the thought that the region is only good at athletics and start supporting their own in football.

Colomer, who handled Lionel Messi as the Aspire Academy years back, assured of AFD’s continued support for football in the region.

“We have witnessed excellent talent. For me East Africa is one of the biggest football regions. When we started 10 years ago people said why Kenya, Kenya is only known for running. But now they have proved that they have talent in football. Local people need to believe and support that.

“We will keep doing this because it is a good way of giving hope to the children. This is what is missing in Africa and what is needed. Thanks to a program like the Aspire Football Dream Program players have the motivation to train as they know the scouts will come to see them,” said Colomer.