Rangers disqualified from GOtv Shield

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The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has thrown Posta Rangers out of the GOtv Shield, apparently for using an ineligible player in the first round of the tournament.

Posta Rangers fielded a new signing – John Nairuka, acquired from Ulinzi Stars at the start of June and in complete disregard of the new rules set on transfer of players, the club did not register the player with the federation, only registering him with the Kenyan Premier League (KPL).

In a communique to media houses, the federation states that the club failed to follow the transfer rules, stating that as far as it is concerned, Nairuka, who featured and scored two goals in the game against Timsales FC is still an Ulinzi Stars player.

As per the federation, the punishment meted on Rangers, is drawn from Rule 24.1 on use of ineligible players and the team’s 4 – 1 win has been annulled.

The letter from FKF

We are in receipt of the referee’s report for Round of 64 GoTV match Posta Rangers FC vs TimSales FC Kericho, which shows that Posta Rangers fielded an ineligible player.

The amended Football Kenya Federation players registration and transfers regulations 2016 clearly states that all players registration and transfer shall be done by the Federation at the first instance from 1st June 2016.

In addition, GOTV Shield tournament regulations on registration states:-

Rule 8.2

Clubs registering players shall submit to the FKF Secretariat the player (s) form and any contract signed between the club and the players.

It is clear that Posta Rangers not only failed to adhere to the above rule but also broke FKF’s Rule 24.1 by fielding a unregistered player (Unqualified player) namely John Nairuka (Who remains an Ulinzi Stars FC player, as his transfer has not been cleared by the federation)

In light of this and in line with rule 24.1 and 29.8 that state:


24.1 Offences committed by teams to warrant the forfeiture of a match: A team that commits a fraud on the identity of a player or which allows a suspended or unqualified player to take part in a match.


29.8 A team which will have committed a fraud on the identity of a player or which will have allowed a suspended player or ineligible player to take part in a match shall lose the match and shall be completely eliminated from the competition as soon as the incriminating facts are clearly established by the federation.