Sahili: Injuries our biggest handicap

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The Ethiopian national team is hoping to go against all odds and emerge winners at the 38th edition of the CECAFA Senior Challenge but head coach Johannes Sahili says their main impediment will be the injury list in the team.

The team qualified for the semi finals with a 4 – 3 win over Tanzania on Monday 30 November and as the coach plots for the game against favorites Uganda in the semi final he will have to contend with the absence of at least four players who are out with injury.

“We have a growing list of injuries in the team and that is what really concerns us in the team. Against Tanzania in the quarter final I only had four outfield players and a goalkeeper. Four players are out with injury and I don’t know what will happen in the semi final. It is a big concern for me,” he said.

The coach added to the voice of calls against the 20 – player rule, saying it limits teams over the usage of players and also blamed it for the team’s growing injury list.

“We are left in a situation where we have to use very few players in a two week tournament and it is not right for the players and the tournament. I have many injuries going to the semi finals and it is all because we cannot register 23 players,” he added.