Chibueze, Tata lauded for big impact


Thika United head coach James Nandwa has lauded the impact brought to the team by his newly signed players in the midseason transfer window, most notably Nigerian Onuodi Chibueze and Cameroonian Joel Tata.

Chibueze scored on his debut against Mathare United helping his team to a 2 – 0 victory over the title contenders and the coach says with the impact brought by the new players they will sure soar high in the second leg.

The players have done well in terms of bringing experience to the team, and their competitive approach has also pushed their mates to do well in the matches. At the moment we are gaining greatly from their impact and I am sure we will rise higher as the matches come.

“The foreign players come along with some good experience and they also bring a lot of competition in the team. So far I can say I am happy with my foreign players, those who joined in the second leg.

“Chibueze for example has had a good impact in the team and we saw it in the win over Mathare United; we are all doing well because of the impact of the June signings,” he said.