AFC Leopards factions agree to work together

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Kenyan Premier League (KPL) giants AFC Leopards moved a step towards pacifying matters at the club with the two factions agreeing to work together for the good of the team heading to the new season.

The two factions, one led by Mathews Opwora and the other by Dan Mule have not been seeing eye to eye but after the Sports Disputes Tribunal directed that they form a management committee, Mule has confirmed they will have a unified technical bench.

Dutchman Jan Koops, fronted by Opwora, will be the head coach, assisted by Ezekiel Akwana, fronted by Mule and Tom Juma who also comes in from the Opwora faction. Mule confirmed the two groups decided to work for the good of the team and nothing more.

“The two factions have agreed to unite for the good of the team and in that case we will have Jan Koops as the head coach working with two assistants, Akwana and Tom Juma. They will lead the team to the new season as we aim for better times.

“Tomorrow they will lead the team to two friendly matches in Mbooni as we head towards the end of our recruitment for the coming season. The unity is a good break for us and we hope the team benefits and stability is restored,” he said.