GFA wary of foreign influence in Ghana league

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The technical director of Ghana Football Association (GFA) Francis Oti Akenteng has warned to limit the number of foreign players in the league.

Even though he knows it could improve league standards, he emphasizes the importance on the national team of Ghana.

“I agree with coach Bashir Hayford to some extent when he claims that the foreign quota of player in the league should be increased but that can’t be the yardstick to justify our league’s failure,” Akenten told Sports Crusader.

“The English Premier League is the most attractive league in the world but I can’t say same about their national team’s performance.

‘That is the reason why I differ slightly with Bashir Hayford,” he said.

Ashanti Gold manager Hayford wants to sign more foreign players to increase the level of professionalism.

‘I will suggest to the Premier League Board that the number rather be increased to five or six to help develop our game,” Akenten says as a form of compromise.

Ashanti Gold had three foreign players when they won the league last season. You can have four in your squad and play up to three at a time during any game.