FKF slams PL clubs move

15 locally based players have been called up to the Kenya national team

FKF warns clubs on move to stop league

The move by FKF PL clubs to suspend the FKF PL has not gone down well with the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) powers that be and the clubs have now been dropped a warning that should they go one with the plans, they risk heavy sanctions from the federation.

In a statement from the federation, the clubs have been reminded that the powers to put the league on hold are only vested in the federation and any such move will lead to docking of points as well as further punishment.

Here’s the FKF statement:

Football Kenya Federation has got its attention drawn to an unsanctioned meeting today 22nd October 2015, convened by the acting chairman of the aforementioned league which resolved to suspend the league and we hereby responds as follows:

  1. The FKF Premier League, being a property of the federation, can only be suspended by the authority of the federation and not any other body. The said meeting was convened without the knowledge and authority of the Federation and as such any deliberations arising thereof are null and void.
  2. We firmly state that the league will continue as planned and any teams that fail to honour their scheduled matches will not only lose the points of the match but will also face sanctions by the federation.
  3. The Acting chairman of the FKF PL, Mr. Nick Mwendwa, who has declared interest in the position of president of FKF in the forthcoming elections must desist from misusing his position in the FKF PL to undermine the federation for political expediency. Disrupting football activities as a way of gaining political points contravenes the FIFA Statutes and the Code of Ethics and persons guilty of contravening the provisions of the Statutes and CoE are liable for serious disciplinary actions, which FKF will not hesitate to mete out to protect the integrity of the game.
  4. The Memorandum of Understanding signed with Kenya Premier League is a document defining the relationship with the league administration body, as guided by FIFA. The decision to readmit KPL as the league administrators was taken by the Third Annual General Meeting of August 28th 2015, making it necessary for the National Executive Committee to formalize the relationship by way of the MOU and is clearly not within the purview of the FKF PL. It is therefore mischievous to raise the matter in the manner raised by the convener and attendants of the said meeting.

FKF wishes to advise its members, the media and the general public that while the elections are due to be held from the end of this month, all football activities must continue uninterrupted and anybody undermining or attempting to halt football activities under the guise of the impending elections will face the full force of the applicable laws and/or statutes.