Hamren calls for respect for Ireland

Euro 2016 group E

Ahead of the Group E clash pitting Sweden against Ireland at the Euro 2016 Championships, Sweden have been billed the favorites and they are expected to win easily but the Swedes’ head coach Eric Hamren is calling for caution.

Though he says his team has prepared well for the tournament, he says he has nothing but respect for the Irish and is looking forward to a good start to the showpiece when the two nations face off at the Stade de France.

He says his team will go to the game and try to adapt to the style of play the Irish side will bring on board.

“We’ve prepared well, both in Sweden and here. We respect Ireland and are looking forward to this encounter. They’ve played [a more possession-based game] during the last four matches but before that there was more of a traditional British style to their game. We’ll have to see how they play tomorrow and then adapt – we’ll prepare for both eventualities,” he said.

Asked about the impact his star player Zlatan Ibrahimovic will have in the game, the coach said he’d rather concentrate on the team than one individual.

“The important thing is to win the games and I hope we’ll do that. Who scores the goals is not as important; if Zlatan can provide for others I’ll be just as happy as if Zlatan scores the goals himself,” he added.