Germany denies buying 2006 World Cup ahead of SA

Beckenbauer with Blatter after clinching hosting rights

Beckenbauer with Blatter after clinching hosting rights

Der Spiegel newspaper alleged that the German Football Association (DFB) made a payment into a Fifa bank account, and that organiser Franz Beckenbauer and DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach, were aware of the slush fund in 2005.

The DFB released the following statement to express their innocence:

“The payment was in no way connected with obtaining the (World Cup) five years earlier. These suggestions led to the DFB presidency ordering an internal investigation this summer with the scope of finding an explanation,” stated the German football association.

“This analysis, which has seen external law advisors consulted, also examined whether the DFB has any right to reclaim [the money].”

“Within the framework of these investigations, the DFB found no indication of irregularities while there was equally no indication whatsoever that votes of delegates were bought.”

“This may potentially not have been used for the intended purpose.”