Kirkland: Karius should replace Mignolet at LFC now

Karius shows off the jersey when signing

Karius shows off the jersey when signing

Always under the microscope, Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet came under criticism again lately.

The Belgian keeper has been long seen as a weak link in the Reds setup, and manager Jurgen Klopp brought in Loris Karius to provide competition this season.

Many believe that as a youngster, Karius will need time to settle into the Premier League and a pre-season hand injury has made sure that he will take longer to start.

However former LFC keeper Chris Kirkland, who had his fair share of being a reserve keeper at Anfield, believes Karius is ready.

“You can’t be eased in at a club like Liverpool,” Kirkland told the 5Times podcast.

“The best thing is to get out there and get playing. I’m looking forward to seeing him.

“I would have thrown Karius in last Saturday. If he was brought in as No 1 and he’s training and ready then throw him in. You can’t really build up to games in the Premier League.

“The rumours are that he’s been told he’s the No 1 and if those rumours are true then he has to play.”

Mignolet was criticized for placing Lucas Leiva under pressure, the only goal that Leicester got in a 4-1 thumping at Anfield. Kirland believes Karius is safer.

“I’ve seen bits of him. He looks very cool and calm on the ball, good with his feet and confident in his own 18-yard box. He comes and takes things so hopefully he will be a good fit for Liverpool.

“If he’s ready now after a couple of weeks training then he needs to get to the real thing. Chelsea away, if he has a fantastic game everyone will be happy.”