Bibo thought Orlando Pirates tampered with sample

Bibo's career is over for now

Bibo’s career is over for now

In a bizarre and possibly desperate turn for shamed former Bucs player Bibo, he’s revealed that he thought the club interfered with his sample that tested positive for drugs.

Midfielder Thandani Ntshumayelo’s football agent Tim Sukazi spoke about the controversy.

“An Anti-Doping Laboratory in Qatar, which is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities in Australia, an authority responsible for the accreditation of laboratories worldwide, conducted a B-sample analysis of Ntshumayelo’s urine and the result came back to confirm the existence of a cocaine metabolite in his urine,” Sukazi told Independent Newspapers.

“So if there was a problem with the results from the SAIDS laboratory, someone needs to explain why the Anti-Doping Laboratory in Qatar found cocaine in Ntshumayelo’s urine samples.

“His first reaction was that Pirates tampered with his urine sample and therefore we need to test the B-sample. It is now up to Ntshumayelo to prove the sampling results from the Anti-Doping Laboratory in Qatar were incorrect.

“If he can do that, then he can have his day in court for sure. We worked to establish the facts as told by him and consistent with the sampling results of the SAIDS laboratory. Ntshumayelo gave a three-page blow-by-blow account under oath of how he took cocaine and no one spoke on his behalf.

Bibo is going to take a lawyer to try and save his career, particularly after Pirates already discarded him.

“Now that the consequences are severe, he is seemingly taking a different course of action at someone’s expense.

“Should we be given leave by the authorities to divulge his confession on audio, perhaps we would be better doing that so that people could get a clearer picture and make their own assessment.”