Division One coach shot in Ghana

Coach Osman Alhassan and Muniru Aziz

Coach Osman Alhassan and Muniru Aziz in better times

A policeman reportedly shot two club officials in a Division One match between Tamale Utrecht and Berlin FC.

The shot head coach Osman Alhassan belonged to home side Tamale Utrecht, who was hit in the leg, while an unknown other club official was hit in the head.

According to local reports an alleged drunk policeman fired rubber bullets when the spectators were getting out of hand.

“I understand that after matches when a referee’s performance is not the best, fans will surely show their dissatisfaction. But we controlled them,” Alhassan told Asempa FM.

“Shockingly, the policeman who was brought there to enforce peace fired the gun. The gun hit me in the leg and another person in the head. Thank God they were rubber bullets.

“When we were being treated, I realized the policeman was fully drunk,” he added.