Wenger: I spend Arsenal money like mine

AFP, Wenger, Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed he spends the club’s money like he would his own.

There had been concerns by Arsenal fans the Frenchman may be handling the club’s spending on transfers the same way he would spend his own money, and he has confirmed for the first time it is indeed true.

Wenger has also admitted he is always careful when spending on transfers as he would not want to make mistakes.

The Gunners’ boss has now finally admitted in a new book – Game Changers: Inside English Football, written by former Charlton boss Alan Curbishley – that he IS reluctant to open up the club chequebook.

“You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money — like you’re the owner of the club and you can identify completely with the club, because if you don’t do that I think you cannot go far,” he was quoted by the Mirror.

Wenger will be 20 years at Arsenal next month, and he also added: “I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own, because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes.”