Pinnick tells Nigerians he’s not resigning


Embattled president of the Nigeria Football Federation Amaju Pinnick has vowed not to resign despite mounting pressure following Nigeria’s failure to qualify for a second Africa Cup of Nations under his leadership.

The Super Eagles also failed to make the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations and have now failed to make the 2017 edition following the 1-0 loss to Egypt in Alexandria on Tuesday and while calls have been made for his resignation, the embattled NFF boss has insisted that he will not throw in the towel.

“I am not going to resign,” he said categorically during a media chat in Abuja on Wednesday afternoon.

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“The reason being that when you are in a battle field, if you retreat, and someone else comes in, he has to start from where you stopped and he might run into the same problems.”

The 45-year old also stated that he rather sees the calls for him to resign as a wakeup call and nothing else.

“I only see these calls as a wakeup call,” he said. “I just feel they are telling me to wake up from slumber and see things that I wasn’t possibly seeing.

“To me it’s just a wakeup call and that is the truth. I was elected by the Nigeria Football Federation congress and I have a mandate for four years and I don’t think we have done very badly,” Pinnick stated.